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Implementing the United Nations Development Agenda in the face of the Global Financial Crisis


Lecturer: Asha-Rose Migiro, UN Deputy Secretary General

It was nice but somewhat general lecture 'for me'. Considering the limited time given for the lecture, it was very pointed and clear. And at the Q & A Session, I was deeply impressed by her attitude and answers.

1. to maintain international peace and security

This is one of the main purposes of UN, and also written in its Charter; article 1, paragraph 1. In order to achieve its goal, fundamentally, human rights should be respected.- It is obvious, but how?

UN has been focused on development and human rights through achieving Millennium Development Goals established at the Millennium Summit in 2000. When I got the news of MDGs I thought that UN finally got into the right way to make the better world. Also, its provision of Article 55 is telling us what is must be done for peace, which prescribes that solutions of economic, social, health, cultural problems and respect for human rights and freedoms are the essential condition for achieving its goal.

Anyway, without human, without world.

2. Current financial problem

I couldn't get something new at this part. Maybe I have to blame my deep concern about economic crisis.

But she called my attention to the people in absolute poverty expected to suffer severe economic shock under this crisis.

3. Multilateralism

It is apt to be protective and negative when there is a slowdown in country. As a result, the proceeding built through MDGs activities could be affected. However hard it would be, though, we should not give up the international cooperation to achieve development.

4. Q & A

food crisis: short & long term /and so on.

THEREFORE, the ways of Implementing the United Nations Development Agenda in the face of the Global Financial Crisis are...

initiative ideas on development be essential for the international peace and security

call for international cooperation

I should have asked a question, but the time was over when I raised my hand.

hmmm.... still I am wondering UN's stand against human rights problem in North Korea. Because when it comes to domestic jurisditio...

continue ...

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